Monday, June 3, 2013

Mree - Live at Tammany Hall

A few weeks ago, a friend posted this video of a young musician named Mree,
covering the song "Blood" by The Middle East.

[embedplusvideo height="281" width="450" standard="" vars="ytid=KMe_5O0mYj0&width=450&height=281&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=" id="ep1450" /]

I was absolutely floored.  Such a creative and beautiful cover.

And wow.  What a voice.

Listening to her music makes me feel like I'm ice skating on a never
ending glacier underneath the northern lights.

Well, I can't really ice skate.  So maybe "floating" is a more accurate
mode of travel for my auditory odyssey over this imaginary glacier.

All the rest of Mree's videos and music are equally stunning.

Expect to see and hear amazing things from her over the next few years.

I was in the city with my camera on Sunday and stopped in to catch a set
of hers at Tammany Hall, with my friend Sebastian.  An out of tune
acoustic guitar stopped her first song before it started.
"Close enough!" I yelled.  I'm glad she didn't listen to me, because I really
can't stand when instruments are out of tune.  Neither could she.

A good sign of a good musician.

Her set was quiet, gentle, and perfect for a small room with really good
acoustics.  Unfortunately we were in Tammany Hall, which is not
a hall, but a bar, and a number of generally inconsiderate clowns were
talking loudly throughout the set, one in particular endlessly clamoring for
TEQUILA.... NO, THREE SHOTS OF TEQUILA etc. - and bragging brashly about
the macho things he did during his time spent in the Marine Corps.

Apparently he forgot the part in his training where they taught people
to be aware of their surroundings, respectful of others and to not be an asshole.

Despite G.I. Jackass sounding off, Mree sounded just as beautiful live as she
did recorded, which is [for some reason] a rarity among musicians today.
She proved she can live up to the product she puts out.

You can hear more of her at her website:

And now, some photos from the show.


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